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 Archived List of Villages

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Non-stream villages

Getsugakure (月隠れの里, Getsugakure no Sato; literally "Village Hidden under the Moon") is a hidden village in the Land of the Moon.

The Jōmae Village (錠前の里, Jōmae no Sato; Literally meaning "Lock Village") is an anime-only village located in the Land of Keys. This village's ninja are experts in espionage in order to gain information for negotiations with larger, more powerful nations. Ninja in this village seem to be specifically trained in gaining information while giving none in return as evident by Hanare's Eye Mind Reading technique and their leader's willingness to commit suicide rather than be taken hostage by enemy ninja.

Custom-Known villages

Shibugakure (Shibugakure no Sato; Meaning "Death Blade Village") is a hidden village located deep in a mess of ship wreckage. It is formed by the Victorious ones after the war amongst warbands.

Blossom Village is a hidden village known in Ninja-Saga.
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Archived List of Villages
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